Meerlust successes at Strauss & Co Fine Wine Auction

Meerlust successes at Strauss & Co Fine Wine Auction
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In a trailblazing initiative, SA’s foremost auction house, Strauss & Co, entered into a joint venture with Wine Cellar and top sommelier Higgo Jacobs to launch a Fine Wine Auction programme. This endeavour aimed to provide a transparent auction platform and introduce prospective buyers to SA’s finest wines.

Synonymous with top quality art, decorative arts and jewellery, the introduction of fine wine auctions is a bold new venture on the part of Strauss & Co, which was founded in 2009. With this innovative move, fine wine will become a key part of the Strauss & Co annual auction calendar. 'The application of strict criteria with regard to quality, provenance and rarity will enable collectors to buy outstanding wines with confidence, in a seamless and highly transparent manner,' says Higgo.

Interest in vintage SA wines is at an all-time high, especially as the country raises its profile in the local and international wine market. 'We have witnessed first-hand the immense appreciation in fine wine prices over the last decade. This coincides with a leap in quality and realisation of some of the incredible gems from the last century,' says Roland Peens, Director of Wine Cellar. As leaders in the fine wine market, Wine Cellar will provide professional cellaring, logistics and fine wine experience for the auction.The first auction was held in Johannesburg on 8 June 2019 and this will be followed by the Cape Town auction on 14 September 2019.

We often get requests for estimated values of our wines held by customers in their private cellars and the Fine Wine Auction gives us an excellent indication of the potential secondary market prices for the Meerlust wines’ says Eddie Turner, Marketing Manager of Meerlust in Stellenbosch. 

The following is a list of the Meerlust wines and the prices achieved per bottle at the inaugural Fine Wine Auction. (These prices are inclusive of commission and VAT):

Rubicon 1984                          R 2845

Rubicon 1992                          R 1707

Rubicon 1992                          R 1 612

Rubicon 2001                          R 1328

Rubicon 2007                          R 854

Rubicon 2007                          R910

Rubicon 2007                          R948

Cabernet Sauvignon 1984      R 1 821

Merlot 1989                             R1 024

Merlot 1989                             R 1062

Merlot 2009                             R 664

Merlot 2009                             R797

Pinot Noir 2004                       R 1 138

Pinot Noir 2004                       R 1 233

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