The Meerlust Red 2020 is here

The Meerlust Red 2020 is here
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Starting with the 2020 vintage, Meerlust Estate is now including the Meerlust Red as a permanent fixture in their range.

Meerlust Estate has upheld a long-standing commitment to crafting excellent wines. In 1985, the estate introduced its inaugural Meerlust Red, which marked the momentous declassification of its flagship Rubicon wine.

Over the years, the Meerlust Red has been exclusively reserved for vintages that do not meet the estate's rigorous quality standards for Rubicon. However, following the declassification of the Rubicon 2002, Meerlust began producing a red wine exclusively for select export markets. The popularity of the Meerlust Red in these markets, along with its availability as a declassified Rubicon locally, has led Meerlust to include this wine as a permanent fixture in the Meerlust range, starting with the 2020 vintage.

This decision not only reflects the wine's popularity but also plays a vital role in the estate's focus on nurturing young vineyards as a result of an extensive re-planting program. Until the grapes reach the maturity and quality required for the Rubicon, these vineyards will contribute to the production of the Red. As a result, the Red will be made solely from estate-grown grapes, drawing fruit from the estate's four distinctive terroirs. Each terroir imparts a unique element to the final blend, ensuring a wine of unparalleled character.

The 2020 Red is a blend of Merlot (32%), Cabernet Franc (31%), Cabernet Sauvignon (29%), and Petit Verdot (8%). Every parcel of each variety undergoes separate fermentation before undergoing malolactic fermentation in 300 L barrels and large Foudré. After eight months in oak, the individual components are meticulously blended and aged for an additional eight months in barrel to achieve perfect harmony before bottling. With its rich flavour profile, the Meerlust Red truly exemplifies the estate's commitment to quality and excellence in winemaking.

To enhance the allure of the wine we have refined the packaging. The new look was never to revolutionise, but rather to subtly enhance elements unique to the authentic look of the Meerlust Estate. The updated design perfectly encapsulates the wine’s refined and contemporary essence.

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