Cross the Rubicon, and Never Turn Back

Cross the Rubicon, and Never Turn Back
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Because it is greater than that, true art is immune to the voice of the critic. Here South Africa has one red wine that transcends ratings, stars and the court of self-important opinion: Meerlust Rubicon.

Together with Vin de Constance, Rubicon is South Africa’s most valuable wine brand and if any sort of respect for national heritage still existed, both would deserve protected status. Their brows exceed the height of any new wave, they command a presence and gravitas sterner, more decisive than the noisiest hip alternative gaggle and its sycophantic hordes.

As a brand, Meerlust Rubicon is deserved of an MBA marketing thesis. The aesthetics have hardly changed since the wine’s first release in 1984 when the 1980 vintage hit the scene. The powerful black, blue and gold label colouring off-set by the robust and evocative names of the wine estate Meerlust’s offering of a classic red wine called Rubicon, referring to the river Julius Caesar led his troops across on the way to capturing Rome in 49BC. It was the famous Afrikaans poet Dirk Opperman who suggested “Rubicon” when his friend and Meerlust-owner Nico Myburgh was looking to name the Bordeaux-style blend he and winemaker Giorgio Dalla Cia had made.

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